Autoslide Explained

Australian Designed, World Patented Technology – Easy Do-It-Yourself Automatic Sliding Door Operator 



autoslide-door1​Australian Designed, World Patented Technology – Easy Do-It-Yourself Automatic Sliding Door Operator ​​

​Autoslide is designed to be a universal, easy do-it-yourself product that retrofits to your existing, free-running, residential sliding doors.

​The world patented Autoslide system is based on a simple “rack and pinion” design – Supplied racks / tracks are installed onto the moving panel of the sliding door and the Autoslide 24V motor cog /gear pulls the door open.

Once installed, the Autoslide smart technology is engineered
to self-calibrate and memorise door opening widths and
when it reaches a complete close. Different smart functions can be switched on
with just a quick flick of the Dipswitches. These Dipswitch functions include:

autolide-door2Direction – to suit a right opening or left opening door
Slam Shut – to overcome heavy weather seals
Pet Learn – paired with Autoslide pet sensors, this Dipswitch sets a smaller opening width to suit the size of your pets
Lock – compatible with any external 24V electronic locking / home automation system​
25% less power – for lightweight doors such as internal cavity doors / pocket door
Toggle – push button once to open and push button again to close (eg. pantry doors)
Beeper – warning beeps each time door opens or closes or when mode changes. (ie. for the visually impaired)





Available in Black or White to complement existing door colours / door frames, the Autoslide interface illuminates 4 different colour lights depending on the Mode that is in use:


Green – AUTOMATIC Mode > for a truly automatic door experience at home. Also disables pet sensors
Blue – HOLD OPEN Mode > holds doors in fully open position (ie. moving furniture)
Red – MANUAL Mode > door reverts back to manual operation with no damage to motor
Orange – PET Mode > to enable pet sensors (sold separately) for pets to go in and out without human assistance

Autoslide Technical Specifications


Maximum Door Weight

200 lbs.

Maximum Drag Weight

12 lbs.

Available colors

Black or White

Length of Racks supplied

39.37 inches. Additional rack extensions sold separately.

Power Supply

110-240 VAC, 24V DC Power Adapter/Transformer

Safety Reverse


Automatic to Manual Mode


Autoslide Physical Size

Length: 19 inch

Height: 2.75 inch

Width: 2.5 inch