Motion Sensor Activate

Motion Sensor Activated Automatic Door

Hands free motion sensor activation for humans and pets






Designed specially for home use, the Autoslide infra-red motion sensors have a much shorter beam length compared to commercial automatic door sensors. This is to avoid any unnecessary activations of the sensor in a small domestic / residential environment and triggering numerous false door opens. Two motion sensors are needed per Autoslide door – ie. one inside and one outside.

The Autoslide sensor sensitivity can be adjusted easily using a small flat head screwdriver. ​
There are 2 types of Autoslide infra-red motion sensors: Wireless and Hard-Wired

advertThe Wireless battery operated versions are recommended for use as hand-wave sensors or pet sensors where only a short infra-red beam is required. These wireless sen


sors work with 9V batteries and depending on usage, the battery life in a wireless sensor is approximately 3-6 months or less with frequent use. The motion sensors included in the Autoslide Motion Sensor Pet Door Kits are all battery operated wireless sensors.

Hard-wired motion sensors have a much stronger beam length which can be adjusted to suit. ie. Shorten the beam to adult height only to prevent children or pets activating the sensor.

​​The hard-wired sensors were designed for human use (instead of pets). The motion sensors included in the Autoslide Lifestyle Kits and Ultimate Bundles are all hard-wired sensors.