Push Button Activate

All Autoslide kits include two wireless push buttons which are fitted to doors simply using double sided tape. These wireless push buttons can work remotely up to 50 feet away from the Autoslide system. For disabled



Additional wireless push buttons can also be purchased seperately to be mounted next to the bedside for bed-ridden patients. Two push buttons are required for every sliding door. One mounted in

side and one outside. If push buttons are mounted away from the sliding door ie. next to the bed or on a wheelchair, Autoslide also comes with factory built-in with “Pull Assist” / Power Assist where just a gentle pull of the door handle will activate a full open. This is also known in the automatic door industry as “Semi-Automatic” doors. In the absence of push buttons next to the sliding door, users can access entry thru the sliding door via pull assist.

Mini remote controls are available as optional extras or as part of the Clicker Bundle package.Two remote controls are included in every Clicker Bundle. The remote controls enable easy Mode switching between Automatic, Hold Open, Manual and Pet without having to reach the control panel on the Autoslide drive system itself. Useful if Autoslide is mounted up high.