Rehanding Drive System

Rehanding Drive Unit

The Autoslide drive system is designed to be rehanded easily if required.
(ie. reassemble motor on the drive system from left to right to suit different door openings and/or applications)

pdf-small-icon Re Handing Instructions (PDF)

Below illustrates when Autoslide must be rehanded before installation.​​




Floor Mounting Autoslide to a Slide LEFT to Open Door:
If Autoslide can only be installed at the bottom of a slide left to open door, then the drive system must first be rehanded so it can then be floor mounted to the left of the moving panel in front of the fixed panel instead of the clear opening.





Installing to a Slide LEFT to Open Internal Cavity / Pocket Door:

For internal cavity / pocket doors, Autoslide should only be installed to the top of door. For a slide left to open pocket door, the drive system must first be rehanded so that the motor and gear is on the left of the system. The Autoslide unit can then be installed on the top to the left of the door.




Top Mount over Fixed Panel on a Slide RIGHT to Open Door:

By default, Autoslide can be top mounted without rehanding to a slide right to open door by installing unit over the clear opening. If installation over the fixed panel is preferred, then the Autoslide drive system must be rehanded.