Internal Sliding Doors

Internal Sliding Doors, Cavity Sliders, Pocket Doorswatch

Autoslide is designed to retrofit to a slide Right to Open internal cavity slider / pocket door without need for re-handing. ​

The side of the pocket door to retrofit Autoslide to would be the same side as if you were trying to remove the entire door from.

There is usually one prominent side with the removable timber fascia that is covering the door tracks. If both sides look similar, the correct side to install Autoslide to will be the side where you can see the door tracks and rollers when the timber fascia is removed. (ie. if you had to take the door out of its tracks, you would be removing it from this side).​internal-doors

Once the correct side is established, look at the door to determine if it slides to the Right to Open or Left. If it slides to the Left to Open, the Autoslide unit must be rehanded before it can be installed to the pocket door.